Virgin America Offers Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

Virgin America Offers Free In-Flight Wi-Fi


 Virgin America Offers Free In-Flight Wi-Fi
Dreading the trip over to grandma’s for the Christmas holidays? Trying to get your cheeks ready for the inevitably onslaught of squeezing? Well, it seems that Richard Branson and crew are working on something to make the trip a little more bearable. How does some free Wi-Fi for in-air Facebook and Twitter updates sound?

It seems that Virgin America has partnered up with Google so that you can get some free in-flight Wi-Fi when you travel home for the holidays. This way, you can stay up to date with Mobile Magazine, watch some crazy videos on YouTube, and stay connected to the Twitterverse while thousands of feet in the air.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that this free Wi-Fi promotion will only last between November 10 and January 5, acting as “a gift” to all those holiday travelers. I guess this will make up for the inevitable fuel surcharges and airport improvement fees, right?

I’m still waiting on the day when in-flight Wi-Fi becomes a standard thing and one that we never have to pay extra for. Then again, since so many airlines are charging extra fees for meals and checked luggage, my hopes aren’t very hopeful these days.

Source: Google Blog