Ups and Downs of BitTorrent on Nokia N900 (Video)

Ups and Downs of BitTorrent on Nokia N900 (Video)


Ups and Downs of BitTorrent on Nokia N900 (Video)
The Maemo-powered Nokia N900 Internet tablet looks like it’s quite the powerful beast, but how good does it fare when it comes to applications that are usually better suited to a full-blown computer? Staska from Unwired View decided to give BitTorrent a whirl on his N900 and the results are quite mixed.

One of the first things he installed on the Nokia N900 is Transmission, a BitTorrent client that’ll happily run on the N900 for all your downloading needs. He tried to start up a torrent and it seemed to connect just fine, downloading the video file without a hitch.

It’s also very good that the Nokia N900 Internet tablet was able to play the XviD file natively without any patches or bug fixes. Further still, the standard Wi-Fi connection was able to yield an average download speed of 700 KB/sec, ramping up to 2.25MB/sec at one point. That’s the good news.

In terms of bad news, the N900 does not have any software available to de-compress RAR files, a format favored by many BitTorrent users. Second, downloading a single 300MB file via BitTorrent tore through 20% of the battery. This means that you’ll barely survive the download of four or five episodes.

So, in short, BitTorrent works on the N900, but it’s far from perfect.

Source: Intomobile