Apple iPhone Hides Ability to Play FM Radio

Apple iPhone Hides Ability to Play FM Radio


 Apple iPhone Hides Ability to Play FM RadioYou know how the newest iPod nano generation comes with FM radio, including the ability to rewind and playback live radio? As it turns out, the iPod nano isn’t the only portable Apple product to house that functionality, because the iPhone has the guts required to do that too.

Why, then you may ask, has Apple not unleashed this ability unto the masses with the iPhone 3GS? Based on the hearsay and rumors going around, the team in Cupertino is busy “trying to reintegrate the Mobile iTunes Store purchases into the functionality of the program.”

I think this means they’re working on the way for you to tag a song being played via FM radio so that you can hope into the mobile iTunes store to buy said track later. Either way, this “hidden app” for iPhone-fueled FM radio sounds like it’s there waiting to be broken free.

The iPhone is a constant source of new abilities from its hidden bag of tricks. Hopefully, the FM radio will get unleashed in the next firmware update.

Source: Gadgetreview