Logitech MK605 Kit Converts Notebook to Desktop

Logitech MK605 Kit Converts Notebook to Desktop


 Logitech MK605 Kit Converts Notebook to Desktop
I haven’t had a desktop as my primary computer for several years now, because I enjoy the greater versatility and portability offered by a notebook. At the same time, I spend the vast majority of my time working from home, so I still want to have a comfortable experience during extended working sessions. That’s where something like the Logitech MK605 Notebook Kit would come into play.

I’m certainly not alone in my yearning for a desktop-like experience with my laptop, so it’s good to see more complete kits like this being offered. With the MK605 bundle, you get a notebook riser, a wireless mouse, and a wireless keyboard. The display on your laptop gets elevated to eye level and you get to type on a “real” keyboard.

The good thing is that the provided notebook riser will give you more of a comfortable experience overall, but it is unfortunate that it is “just” a simple notebook riser. It would have been much better if there was at least passive cooling in the form of a vented surface. It would have been even better if it had some sort of active cooling with embedded fans.

On the plus side, the sleek black and yellow color scheme looks great and it carries straight through to all three items in the bundle. By buying the Logitech MK605 Notebook Kit at a retail price of $99, buyers get to enjoy a savings of about $30 compared to buying the three items separately.

Source: Crunchgear