Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook for $299 or $599

Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook for $299 or $599


 Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook for $299 or $599
Might I interest you in Nokia’s first ever netbook offering? How do you feel about signing a new contract with AT&T to do it? Would you prefer to buy the handy new device outright and not deal with a service agreement at all? Well, it seems that you’ll have that choice with the Nokia Booklet 3G.

For the new netbook from Nokia, you’ll have one of two options. If you have no adversive reactions to new contract, you can latch onto a new two-year agreement with AT&T and they’ll gladly supply you with a Booklet 3G for $299. For this contract, you’ll need a minimum monthly data plan of $60, which gives you 5GB of data each month. Over the cousre of a 24-month contract, you’ll be looking at a pre-tax total of $1,739.

Too scary for you? Well, you can take the unsubdized route instead to get the Nokia Booklet 3G without a contract. If that’s your preferred plan of action, the new Nokia netbook will cost you $599. You can still surf the web via Wi-Fi, but if you want to take advantage of that 3G connection, do know that the device is SIM locked to AT&T.

Other highlights from today’s Nokia press event include a mention of 12 hours of battery life with Windows 7, the confirmation that Best Buy is the exclusive retail partner for the Booklet 3G, and the confirmation that AT&T is the exclusive activation partner for the device.

Source: Intomobile