Charge All Your Gadgets, Keep Them Organized

Charge All Your Gadgets, Keep Them Organized


Charge All Your Gadgets, Keep Them Organized
Trying to keep your gadgets organized when you are on the road can be quite the challenge, especially since you have so many chargers to go along with so many gadgets. The super-handy Charge4All Charge Folio seems to address this very concern perfectly, fitting everything into a package no bigger than a paperback book. You know, those things that came before the Kindle.

The Charge4All Charge Folio looks like one of those CD wallets or perhaps the folio that you got with your car’s user manual and maintenance schedule. Inside, you get a power strip down the spine that can then be used to charge all sorts of doo-dahs.

There are five ports in all: iPhone/iPod, mini-USB, micro-USB, Samsung, and LG. I don’t know how much mileage you’ll get out of those last two unless you happen to have a Korean cell phone, but this is still quite the handy little solution. Slip it into your messenger bag and keep everything in one place.

The Charge4All Charge Folio retails for a touch under $50, so it’s not the most expensive cell phone charger on the block either.

Source: Gadgetreview