Kohjinsha Netbook Boasts Dual 10.1-inch Screens

Kohjinsha Netbook Boasts Dual 10.1-inch Screens


 Kohjinsha Netbook Boasts Dual 10.1-inch Screens
I remember when I went to visit Japan a couple of years ago, the whole netbook thing hadn’t really caught on in North America yet. Even so, there were tons of ultraportables on sale in Akihabara, including some crazy compact tablet PCs from Kohjinsha. Well, they’ve done it again.

Now that everyone and their mother wants a netbook, it takes a lot more to differentiate yourself from the competition. Instead of increasing the horsepower or tossing in an integrated Wacom tablet, Kohjinsha has produced a netbook with twin displays. That’s right. You get dual displays in a netbook.

Interestingly, I’m not really sure if you can even call this thing a netbook in the traditional sense. Instead of a single screen, this Kohjinsha has a pair of 10.1-inch LCDs that pump out resolutions of up to 1366 x 768 pixels each. Instead of Intel Atom, it gets an AMD Athlon MV-40.

Going further, you can also expect a full four gigs of DDR2 RAM, a SATA hard drive, and Windows 7. The dual display thing happens with a sliding mechanism to hide the second screen when it’s time to hit the road.

As with all other Kohjinsha products, I don’t expect to see this in Canada or the US any time soon. If you must have it, I suggest you book a flight over to Tokyo (or find an importer).

Source: TechEBlog