How to Maximize Battery Life on a Smartphone

How to Maximize Battery Life on a Smartphone


 How to Maximize Battery Life on a Smartphone
Since we rely on our smartphones for so much more than basic voice communication, it’s not at all surprising that we are struggling with battery life. If you’re lucky, you might be able to go two days without a charge, but how can you extend the life of your smartphone’s battery?

Lifehacker has put together a comprehensive guide to saving your smartphone’s battery. Some of the tips work universally across all smartphone platforms, whereas other tips are platform specific.

For example, you’ll want to turn off any wireless radios that you aren’t using. As you can expect, leaving the Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi on all the time can be a huge battery draw. If you can, it’s probably a good idea to shut off the 3G until you need to use it too. Other tips include keeping background apps to a minimum and using dark wallpaper images.

For the BlackBerry, you’re better off using shortcuts rather than Java-based menus. For the iPhone, use Fetch instead of Push for email and try to minimize play of games that use vibration or 3D graphics.

For more tips and exhaustive explanations, including tips specific to the Palm Pre and Google Android, hit up the Lifehacker source link below.

Source: Lifehacker