Apple iPhone Gets Invaded by Derek Jeter’s Baseball

Apple iPhone Gets Invaded by Derek Jeter’s Baseball


 Apple iPhone Gets Invaded by Derek Jeter's BaseballI’m more inclined to watch hockey or football myself, but there are a lot of people who love nothing more than watching America’s favorite pastime. Baseball is huge, so Gameloft has come forward with a valuable license on the iPhone to offer Derek Jeter Real Baseball.

The Apple iPhone has quickly become just as viable a mobile gaming platform as the Nintendo DSi and Sony PSPgo, especially since the iPhone had the App Store idea well before existence of DSiWare or PSP Minis. With this baseball app, you can swing for the fences with Derek Jeter.

With Derek Jeter Real Baseball, you get what could be one of the best looking baseball simulations available on the iPhone today. The characters are rendered in three dimensions and the stadiums offer a good sense of depth as well. Audio commentary and fan reactions round out the pacakge.

It’s not quite available through the App Store just yet, but expect Real Baseball to hit up the online marketplace some time this month. Swing away, round the bases, and live out your dreams on the diamond.

Source: Intomobile