AT&T to Launch BlackBerry Bold in White

AT&T to Launch BlackBerry Bold in White


AT&T to Launch BlackBerry Bold in WhiteAs nice as the BlackBerry Bold may be, the smartphone may not fit with your personal tastes in fashion. Maybe you don’t like the jet black appearance and you want something with a little more personality. Well, Research in Motion and AT&T could have just the thing for you, because a white version of the Bold could be on the way.

Yes, I know that you can take the aftermarket route to pick up some different faceplates and keyboards, but this would represent a real deal OEM white BlackBerry Bold. I think we’d all agree with having the color you want out of the box is certainly more convenient (and possibly more reliable) than any 3rd party solution.

Aside from the color change, it seems that nothing else is going to change with the white BlackBerry Bold 9000 for AT&T. There’s no word on an exact launch date or if it will be sold at any kind of premium, but the white Bold is showing up as part of AT&T’s internal inventory.

The BlackBerry Bold isn’t exactly a new phone anymore, so this palette swap could be a way to revitalize some interest. Then again, you may be more inclined to get the new BlackBerry Onyx 9700 instead. What will it be? New hotness in black or old buddy in white?

Source: Intomobile