Honda CR-Z Hybrid Hatchback Almost Production Ready

Honda CR-Z Hybrid Hatchback Almost Production Ready


Some of you may remember the old Honda Civic CRX. It may not have been the most powerful of vehicles at the track, but that was one nimble little hatchback. While you could try to achieve the same with the Honda Fit, you may be much more interested in the upcoming Honda CR-Z. We’ve already seen the concept, but Honda is saying that the car is almost ready for full production.

Next month at the Tokyo Motor Show, we’re expecting to see the official debut of near-production model of the Honda CR-Z hybrid hatchback. This nimble little number clearly evokes the sporty feel of the older hatchbacks, but it comes with Prius-fighting hybrid technology. Who said that you had to sacrifice style and performance in the name of hybrid-ness.

The pure concept of the sporty two-passenger CR-Z was unveiled way back in 2007, so it’s good to see that Honda almost has this car ready for showrooms. The 1.5L four-cylinder engine gets backed up with Integrated Motor Assist technology. Instead of the CVT as in the Insight, the CR-Z gets you to throw through the gears with a six-speed manual transmission.

Honda will still be showing the CR-Z hybrid hatchback as a “concept” at the Tokyo Motor Show, but that appears to be only in name. This is pretty much what we can expect from the production model when it hits production in Japan early next year. The US launch should follow shortly thereafter.

Source: Autoblog
 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Hatchback Almost Production Ready