REVIEW – Verbatim AquaAce Glossy White Inkjet-Printable DVD-Rs

REVIEW – Verbatim AquaAce Glossy White Inkjet-Printable DVD-Rs


While most of us have come to rely on online storage and USB flash drives, there is still a definite need for writable optical media. We still burn CDs and DVDs for a number of different reasons, whether they be to watch movies or to have a more cost-effective way of distributing marketing materials.

REVIEW - Verbatim AquaAce Glossy White Inkjet-Printable DVD-Rs

In this latter implementation, you want to maintain a certain air of professionalism and that’s why burning your material onto a generic disc may not be the best of ideas. The point is that the distributed disc has your company branding and not that of TDK, Fujifilm, or Memorex. That’s why having personalized labels can be so important, not to mention the personalization that the average consumer can enjoy as well. Sharing family photos and movies this way can be great.

One possible solution that you may want to consider is the Verbatim AquaAce family of discs. More specifically, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Verbatim AquaAce Glossy White Inkjet-printable DVD-Rs. These writable discs can be used with compatible inkjet printers for disc printing.

The Deal with AquaAce Technology

This family of discs makes use of Verbatim’s patented AquaAce glossy white disc coating. The glossy white surface has an appearance not unlike the glossy white photo paper that you may find in a variety of different stores for printing your favorite pictures.

REVIEW - Verbatim AquaAce Glossy White Inkjet-Printable DVD-Rs

The idea here is twofold. First, it allows for a very professional glossy appearance that can be printed on directly using compatible inkjet disc printers from companies like Primera, Microboards, Epson, Microtech, HP, and so on. There is no Verbatim branding on the discs themselves, so you really can make them your own.

It’s also notable that this photo-quality printing surface is resistant to smudges and bleed due to water and humidity. I normally associate water-resistance with matte finishes, but I found that the glossy surface of these Verbatim AquaAce discs was smudge resistant right away. No more messy fingers.

And the Burning Speed and Quality?

I was provided with a sample of standard DVD-R discs with just 4.7GB of storage. These are not dual-layer discs. They are also rated at just 8x speed and they are single-write discs (not -RW). With the 8x speed, you can fill the disc to capacity in less than 10 minutes.

REVIEW - Verbatim AquaAce Glossy White Inkjet-Printable DVD-Rs

In terms of reliability, the first disc that I used on my Dell laptop failed to finish. It’s hard to determine whether this is the fault of the software, the DVD burner, or the disc itself. The burning process looked like it finished, filling it with 4GB of photos as a data disc, but the disc showed up as empty when I tried to read it later on.

Repeating the process with a second disc resulted in absolutely no errors and no problems. As mentioned, the initial problem may be due to my computer or it could have been a faulty disc. I can’t say for sure.


Printable DVD-R media isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but if you have the right printer, these discs are much more convenient that the printing label solutions that you may find elsewhere.

The glossy white surface really is as good as the glossy print paper that photographers use and the high-sheen surface really does give a sense of professionalism. The smudge-resistant surface is quite nice. A 50-disc spindle sells for about $35.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10