Get Gran Turismo for Free with Sony PSP Go

Get Gran Turismo for Free with Sony PSP Go


 Get Gran Turismo for Free with Sony PSP Go
So, the launch of the Sony PSP Go is right around the corner and Sony is not going to be ready with its UMD transfer service when the new handheld hits your favorite retail outlet. How do they plan on making it up to you? How about a free game? How about a free Gran Turismo?

Most of us would agree that Gran Turismo PSP would probably be one of the more popular titles on the new PSP Go, since that racing game franchise has easily hit legendary status over the years. As such, this sounds like quite the appealing incentive to invest in a new PSP Go.

So, how do you do it? From what I understand, you’ll need to buy the new Sony PSP Go on October 1st (that’s this Thursday) and then you need to log into the PlayStation Store on the PSPgo between 1400 GMT (I think that’s 10am EST) on October 1st and 2359 GMT on October 10th.

After you log in to your account, you download the Gran Turismo theme for the PSPgo and then you’ll get an email with the promotional code shortly thereafter. Enter this code in the PlayStation Store and you get Gran Turismo PSP.

Source: CVG