Betting on the Ponies with Your Fingers

Betting on the Ponies with Your Fingers


Growing up, I accompanied my dad to the horse track on more than one occasion. It’s not that he was a heavy gambler or anything like that, but he did like to play the ponies. I’d get a slice of pizza, tell him who I thought was going to win, and I’d have a wager by proxy. Now I can have the same experience in the palm of my hand.

One of the newest “games” to hit the Apple App Store is Virtual Horse Racing 3D. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to hit up the race track yourself, you can get in on this so-called sport of kings through your iPhone or iPod touch. This app isn’t about racing the horses as much as it is about betting on them (with virtual money, of course).

Placing bets through the touchscreen interface seems to be fairly straightforward, allowing for different kinds of wagers and that kind of thing. After you’re satisfied with your virtual betting slips, you let the race begin and cheer on your favorite virtual jockey to the finish line. At least the animations are cool.

You can find out more about Virtual Horse Racing 3D in the App Store or you can hit up the developers for more info and feedback.

Source: Intomobile