See the HTC Chin? It’s Gotta Be Android

See the HTC Chin? It’s Gotta Be Android


 See the HTC Chin? It's Gotta Be Android
The first Google Android phone was the HTC Dream G1, which was later adapted to become the HTC Dream through Rogers and the T-Mobile G1 through T-Mobile. Aside from the new operating system, one of its most characteristic features was the protruding chin on the bottom. Well, HTC wants that characteristic feature to remain characteristic.

There is certainly a mixed response to the whole “chin” thing on HTC smartphones, seeing how some people prefer the chin-equipped version of the HTC Hero and others decry the lack of a chin on the Sprint-bound version of the Hero, but one thing is for sure: you will not see the Leno-esque feature on a non-Android phone.

Coming straight from One & Co, the design firm that works with HTC on these kinds of things, only Google Android phones will get the chin treatment. Not all Android phones will get a chin, but all chinned phones will have Android.

This angled base is meant to be more “playful” compared to the “dark, glossy finishes” of Windows Mobile devices. The latter is meant to appeal to a professional audience. What do you think? To chin or not to chin?

Source: MobileCrunch