iPod nano Gets Banned from Gyms Because of Camera

iPod nano Gets Banned from Gyms Because of Camera


 iPod nano Gets Banned from Gyms Because of CameraIf you’ve ever been to your local gym, then you’ll know that it’s a big no-no to bring a camera into the dressing room. No one wants to see their junk posted all over the Internet. Many gyms also ban cameras from the workout area, because some people don’t want their sweaty selves so publicized either. Well, it seems that the new nano falls into this restriction too.

A number of different gyms have effectively banned people from using the new Apple iPod nano 5G while in dressing rooms and while working out. That’s because this new nano has that video camera on the back and the gyms are looking out for the best interests of their clients. Privacy is important.

Does this mean that you’ll need to invest in a different MP3 player to pump “Eye of the Tiger” into your skull as you trot along on the elliptical trainer? Well, maybe and maybe not.

Most gyms will probably still allow you to use the iPod as a music device, but don’t hold it up pointed at anyone in particular for too long of a period. One spokesperson said that “discerning whether someone is taking video or just queuing up a music mix can be difficult.” In this way, some gyms might have an outright ban.

How can you overcome this? Seeing how the nano 4G and nano 5G have similar dimensions, couldn’t you just get an old (opaque) case or sleeve and slip it over the new nano? This would block the camera and eliminate the problem, right?

Source: Slashgear