No More System Access Fee for Rogers Wireless, But…

No More System Access Fee for Rogers Wireless, But…


No More System Access Fee for Rogers Wireless, But...I’ve got some good news for all the Rogers Wireless subscribers in the audience. Just like Koodo Mobile, Solo Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Fido before it, Rogers Wireless has announced that it will finally be getting rid of that horrid System Access Fee that is tacked onto every monthly bill. That’s the good news. You will no longer be seeing the extra $6.95 there, but this comes with a major caveat.

Yes, it is true that Rogers Wireless will be scrapping its System Access Fee, but it is replacing it with a government regulatory recovery fee. Semantics? Surely. A bit of a workaround? Absolutely.

On the bright side, the new regulatory recovery fee will only be between $2.46 and $3.46 each month, depending on the region. That’s about four or five bucks less than the SAF, so you’d think that subscribers would then be saving that amount of money, right? Well, not exactly.

The new regulatory recovery fee (which is not a government-sanctioned tax) is only applicable to new plans effective October 5th, the same date that the new fees kicks in. If you’re on a plan from before that date, then you’re still on the hook for the SAF unless you switch over to a new plan. The trouble is that all of the new plans have a base rate of about $5 more than their pre-RRF counterparts.

The net result is that you will be paying about the same amount of money each month. That said, the new plans will include three “free” calling features in the form of call forwarding, WhoCalled, and Call Manager. Ironically, these features are already included in a number of plans and value packs, so most customers won’t be seeing much (if anything) in terms of savings.

Source: CBC