Video: Get Tabbed Browsing and More with Opera Mini 5

Video: Get Tabbed Browsing and More with Opera Mini 5


Video: Get Tabbed Browsing and More with Opera Mini 5Are you not particularly pleased with the performance of the Symbian Browser built into Nokia smartphones? Not happy with BlackBerry Browser either? Opera has always been there to provide a viable mobile surfing alternative and we are now looking at the latest release, Opera Mini 5. As always, this new web browser is available as a free download.

So, if you’re already rocking one of the older versions of Opera Mini, why would you want to upgrade to this latest iteration? One of the most notable new features is the introduction of tabbed browsing. From the comfort of my laptop, I’ve become far too accustomed to having several tabs open at the same time and now I can have the same experience on my Nokia E71.

The tabbed browsing is fantastic for multitasking, assuming that your smartphone can handle that kind of added load. Other updates over the current 4.2 version of Opera include Speed Dial startup links (like the Chrome homepage), password management, and a “Turbo” pre-cached mode for slower connections.

Opera Mini will work on most Java-enabled phones, so that includes the vast majority of Nokia and BlackBerry devices in the audience, at the very least. If you’re running Windows Mobile or something similar, Opera Mini 5 should be good to go. To get it, point your mobile browser to

Source: Lifehacker