Finally, a Tactile Keyboard for the Apple iPhone

Finally, a Tactile Keyboard for the Apple iPhone


 Finally, a Tactile Keyboard for the Apple iPhone
One of the major reasons why someone may not be willing to convert from the land of the BlackBerry into the realm of the iPhone is that the latter lacks a hardware keyboard. To help bridge this gap, the iPhone is finally getting a real tactile keyboard, making it so much easier to enter text and type email messages.

The transitional product isn’t coming out of Steve Jobs and the team in Cupertino, however. Instead, we turn our attention over to Mobile Mechatronics (what a name!) to find the iTwinge keyboard. In effect, your iPhone gets a keyboard just like what you’d find on a Treo, BlackJack, or Nokia E-Series.

The iTwinge keyboard, which lists at $30, serves almost like a protective half-case or sleeve for the iPhone. Part of it slides over the bottom half of the iPhone’s capacitive touchscreen, getting the iTwinge hardware keys to line up with the virtual keyboard on the iPhone. That way, you can type to your heart’s delight… so long as the virtual keyboard is there.

When you’re done firing out that text message, you can slip off the iTwinge and put it away. Otherwise, you’ll always have half of the iPhone’s screen obscured by a keyboard that won’t do anything else.

Look for the iTwinge keyboard for iPhone to launch this November at the aforementioned $30 price points. Mobile Megatronics is taking pre-orders now if you feel so inclined.

Source: Mobilecrunch