Verbatim Rises to Occasion with Easy Riser Mouse Family

Verbatim Rises to Occasion with Easy Riser Mouse Family


 Verbatim Rises to Occasion with Easy Riser Mouse FamilyAs mobile professionals and gadget geeks on the go, you want to have as much functionality and utility on the road as you have from the comfort of your own home. That’s might by why some of you have abandoned desktops in favor of a laptop-only experience, but what about the mouse? You want portability, but you want comfort too. And Verbatim understands.

You may know Verbatim better for its memory products, but the company also produces a range of computer accessories as well. Joining the lineup is the Verbatim Easy Rise Notebook Mouse family. There are three members to this family and they all take on the same unique feature.

When it’s time to stow them away in your bag, then can drop down into a relatively flat and slim profile. When it’s time to take them to use, you can actually adjust the height of the rear portion to make for a more comfortable mousing experience. That’s certainly original.

There are three versions of this notebook mouse. There’s the Easy Riser Notebook Optical Mouse with a retractable wired USB connection ($19.99), the Easy Riser Bluetooth Notebook Laser Mouse ($39.99), and the Easy Riser Wireless Laser Mouse with Nano Receiver ($34.99).

Look for all three Easy Riser Mice to launch this October through the usual channels.

Source: Verbatim