Microsoft Zune HD Launches Today (Hitler’s Getting One)

Microsoft Zune HD Launches Today (Hitler’s Getting One)


 Microsoft Zune HD Launches Today (Hitler's Getting One)
Will the Apple iPod finally get dethroned from the top of the MP3 player market? Microsoft certainly hopes so and the Zune HD represents Microsoft’s best challenger to date. This somewhat anticipated device officially launches today, so you can head on over to your favorite retailer to get your hands on some new Zune hotness.

As you may recall, the new Zune HD has Windows CE at its core, but you wouldn’t know it from the sleek user interface. It gets an Nvidia Tegra APX with 8 independent processors, a 3.3-inch (16:9 aspect ratio) OLED capacitive touchscreen display with multi-touch, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, a web browser, games, and more.

Even though it has HD in its name, the Zune HD doesn’t really do HD video on its own. Instead, you’ll need to use the HDMI output to send your 720p videos to your HDTV. There is an additional dock required for that. You can also enjoy the HD radio tuner for an enhanced FM radio experience.

The 16GB Zune HD comes in black for $220, whereas the 32GB Zune HD comes in platinum for $290. You can also take the Zune Originals path for custom colors and designs.

Are you disappointed by the lack of a camera on the new iPod touch? Have you fallen out of favor with Apple? Microsoft will welcome you with open arms into Redmond… and it seems that you won’t be alone either, if this video is to be believed.