Checking Out the Viliv S7 Convertible Netbook

Checking Out the Viliv S7 Convertible Netbook


 Checking Out the Viliv S7 Convertible Netbook
Now that the netbook market has matured greatly, it doesn’t seem like it’s enough to shove an Intel Atom processor into a nine- or ten-inch shell anymore. Consumers are demanding more than ever and it seems that the touchscreen-equipped convertible tablet netbooks are going to be the next big thing. How does the Viliv S7 stack up in this regard?

Matt Burns of CrunchGear had the opportunity to try this tiny little tablet PC and he seems to love it so far, “besides a few small but important details.” As you may recall, this small netbook (is that redundant) gets a swiveling touchscreen, 3G connectivity, and a 32GB SSD. Prices range from $629 to $799, depending on the configuration.

The trouble with having such a small device is that you get a very tiny keyboard, giving you a similar typing experience as the early seven-inch Eee PCs. I did not like trying to type on those. The trackpad is also remarkably small and Burns is not a fan of the “slightly feminine design.”

On the bright side, the screen is fantastic and responsive, the design is very clean, XP boots very quickly, Hulu plays fullscreen, battery life is great, and the speakers are loud. The integrated 3G is also a big plus, as is the hardware button for screen orientation.

Would I buy one? Not at that price and not with that keyboard, but it’ll be interesting to see what the convertible netbook market brings in the months ahead.

Source: Crunchgear