Rogers 21Mbps HSPA+ Network Launches in Canada

Rogers 21Mbps HSPA+ Network Launches in Canada


Rogers 21Mbps HSPA+ Network Launches in CanadaThis won’t be particularly useful news right away for people living in Saskatoon or Victoria, but Rogers Wireless has officially launched its upgraded HSPA+ network in five major cities across the country. This network upgrade will allow for wireless data transfers as fast as 21Mbps. Compare that to the 7.2Mbps that you can get (theoretically) right now. That’s quite the upgrade.

Today’s launch makes its way to the five biggest markets for Rogers Wireless. Starting from the west coast, you get HSPA+ love in Vancouver. Moving across the country, the 21Mbps network is also live in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. That’s the good news.

The bad news, at least for the time being, is that there are currently no devices in the Rogers Wireless lineup that can take advantage of the 21Mbps HSPA+ network. I suppose you could look for something in the grey market, but if you wait for a bit, I’m sure you’ll be showered with options.

More specifically, an upgraded version of the Mobile Internet Rocket Stick is in the works that will do 21Mbps over the HSPA+ network. It will sell for $79.99 with contract, compared to the free-with-contract price for the current Stick.

Source: BGR