Announced: Palm Pixi Shoves webOS into Candybar Form

Announced: Palm Pixi Shoves webOS into Candybar Form


 Announced: Palm Pixi Shoves webOS into Candybar Form
Do you like the idea of the Palm Pre and webOS, but you can’t be bothered to slide out that keyboard each time you need to enter a few characters? It seems that Palm was paying attention, because the phone we once knew as the Palm Eos or Palm Pixie has been officially unveiled as the Palm Pixi. They dropped the “e” at the end of pixie for some reason. Call it style.

By and large, you’re getting much the same experience as you did with the Palm Pre. There is the same webOS user interface there for you, as well as the full QWERTY keyboard, except it’s not a slide-out version. The touchscreen is just a smidge smaller at 2.63-inches, but the bar-style Pixi loses Wi-Fi too.

The Palm Pixi will be heading to Sprint, just like its Palm Pre cousin, and it’ll get equipped with GPS, accelerometer, a lighter chassis, and a thinner profile. The camera gets bumped down from 3 megapixels on the Pre to 2 megapixels on the Pixi. The Palm team didn’t come forth with details, but the Giz crew suspect that the Pixi is a little lighter on the CPU and RAM side of the equation too.

The hands-on time was kept to a minimum, but the short experience described by Jason Chen is that the Pixi keyboard is a little smaller than the one on the Pre, but each key is raised higher for better tactile feel and speed.

Pricing is expected to be less than the $150 being tagged on the Palm Pre. The launch is being planned for “before the holidays” and it’ll come with Facebook, Synergy, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.

Source: Gizmodo