Brando’s Latest Flash Drives Are the Bomb (For Real)

Brando’s Latest Flash Drives Are the Bomb (For Real)


 Brando's Latest Flash Drives Are the Bomb (For Real)
It may not be the brightest idea in the world to have these as part of your carry-on luggage when you go on some international flights, but you have to admit that these USB hand grenade flash drives from Brando are at least mildly amusing. Nothing quite like explosive memory products, right?

As you can probably imagine, these bomb-inspired portable storage devices won’t really blow up. They won’t pose any more of a threat to your fellow passengers than any other flash drive, but you’ll certainly attract some attention from airport security… even if they are brightly colored and very plastic-y.

Aside from the unique hand grenade design, these USB flash drives come in your choice of blue, white, orange, or black, the last of which is probably closest to looking like the real thing. They’re USB 2.0, plug-and-play, and support Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The 2GB versions are $19, the 4GB versions are just a buck more at $20, and the largest 8GB models are $33. Find them on Brando and let the explosive fun begin.

Source: Brando