Charge Your iPod and iPhone with Bicycle Power

Charge Your iPod and iPhone with Bicycle Power


 Charge Your iPod and iPhone with Bicycle Power
Have you ever been to one of those science exhibits where you ride a stationary bike, generating enough electricity to light up a light bulb? It’s obvious that we can harness the energy that you generate on a bike, so why not do the same when you’re pedalling along on a real bicycle? Well, you will soon be able to do that with your iPod or iPhone.

The BioLogic ReeCharge is a $100 device that connects to your bicycle and, while you pedal your way around town or up the mountain, that energy is then transferred over to your iPod or iPhone over a standard wired connection. Simple, effective, and green.

In essence, a dyno is attached to the wheel on your bike and then the power generated is passed through to a battery-powered USB hub. This USB hub can then be used for your iPod, iPhone, or just about anything else that can charge over a USB connection. In the case of an iPhone, they say that three hours of biking is enough for a full charge.

Going back to the science exhibit, you’ll remember that the light bulb shuts off the moment you stop pedalling. This would be an issue with charging the iPhone, so that’s where there is an intermediary battery. You pedal to charge the battery, the battery powers the hub, and your iPhone gets a steady stream of juice.

Look for the pedal-happy BioLogic ReeCharge to sell for $100 when it ships next March.

Source: DVICE via Dahon