Toyota Targets Drunk Driving with In-Car Breathalyzers

Toyota Targets Drunk Driving with In-Car Breathalyzers


 Toyota Targets Drunk Driving with In-Car BreathalyzersIf you know anyone who has been nailed with a DUI, then you may know that sometimes the court will mandate the installation of a breathalyzer test in their vehicles. The driver then has to blow a clean meter before they are able to start the car. Well, this concept could become standard for some Toyota vehicles.

Toyota is always aiming to be at the pinnacle of safety and they want to maintain this kind of image. They don’t want people driving their cars while drunk and making the 6 o’clock news. That could be bad PR for Toyota, even if they aren’t at fault themselves.

As such, Toyota has decided that they may be trying to wire a breathalyzer into certain vehicles, connecting it directly to the ignition column. Just like those court-mandated contraptions, the device will require the driver to blow under the legal limit before they can hit the ignition.

This may sound like a reasonably good and positive idea, but there are all sorts of logistical issues that Toyota will need to address. The legal blood alcohol limit can vary considerably from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so does that mean that the auto manufacturer will need to calibrate the meter for each location? What if you drive across state lines or into other countries?

Source: GadgetReview