What to Expect from Next-Gen Apple MacBook

What to Expect from Next-Gen Apple MacBook


What to Expect from Next-Gen Apple MacBook
It was very nice of Apple to introduce the 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro earlier this year, even if it didn’t have some of the features that typically demand the “Pro” moniker. Given this blurring of the lines, we’re left to wonder what the team in Cupertino has planned for the regular old MacBook. That plastic wonder needs an upgrade too, doesn’t it?

As you know, the regular white MacBook is still being sold in Apple Stores, but most people have moved on to its aluminum successor. I’m not talking about the latter for the purposes of this article; we’re wondering about the fate of the former. And AppleInsider has some inside Apple news and rumors to share.

According to the popular Mac source, the current speculation points toward a slimmer and lighter construction than the currently available white MacBook, so it’s possible that it’ll take on the aluminum frame too. Further still, the “restructured internal architecture” will likely see the ditching of Firewire and other “legacy hardware.”

For the processor, the previous-gen Intel Core 2 processor will probably kick the bucket in favor of something a little more contemporary. Aside from that, we’re still left wondering how Apple will slot the updated MacBook into its fold.

After all, it has to stay cheaper than the $1300+ aluminum MacBooks, but it has to be more expensive than the upcoming iPad (MacBook Tablet). Either way, we’re expecting a new MacBook in the months to come. Too bad it didn’t get here in time for Back to School.

Source: Crunchgear