Apple iPhone Gets Sirius (and XM) in Your Car

Apple iPhone Gets Sirius (and XM) in Your Car


 Apple iPhone Gets Sirius (and XM) in Your CarSo, you’ve got an iPhone (or an iPod touch) and you want to connect it to your car stereo. There are a myriad of solutions that let you run your own iTunes-fueled library, but what about the music from the heavens? That possibility is now a reality with the official announcement of the SkyDock from Sirius XM.

This plugs into your car’s 12V outlet (the cigarette jack) and acts as a satellite receiver, grabbing the waves out of the air while getting its power from the 12V outlet. Your iPhone docks into the Sirius XM SkyDock and you interface through the stations using your touchscreen.

In order to get it work, you’ll need to download a free app from the App Store, but that gives you full control over your Sirius XM satellite enjoyment. You get full access to everything from NFL Play-by-Play to Howard Stern.

The FCC has granted preliminary approval for the SkyDock, but it won’t be ready for market until the FCC completes its full evaluation process. When it does hit retail shelves, the Sirius/XM SkyDock should retail for $119.99.

Source: All Things Digital