REVIEW – LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

REVIEW – LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand


A mobile phone is meant to be exactly that: mobile. We take our cell phones and smartphones with us everywhere we go, so it’s easy to get caught up in accessories that mesh with this type of mobile lifestyle. We look at cell phone cases, Bluetooth headsets, and the like. However, cell phones also serve their purpose at home and that’s why you may want to consider a proper desktop stand too.

REVIEW - LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

Sure, you could just plant your phone on the table, but wouldn’t it be so much better to consider a desktop stand like the LUXA2 H1-Touch? This aluminum mobile holder is industrial and chic at the same time. Better still, it’s pretty functional too.

Who is LUXA2?

Chances are that you have never heard of the name LUXA2. That’s because it’s a fairly new brand and it is targeting a rather specific niche of high-end computing and digital lifestyle accessories. This doesn’t mean that it’s a completely new player to the game, however, since it’s really an off-shoot from Thermaltake, a company that you may know better for computer cases and other hardware.

Adjusting in Every Way with the H1-Touch

While this aluminum mobile holder certainly plays friendly with the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, it is easily adjustable to accommodate a wide range of mobile devices.

REVIEW - LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

There are six adjustable supports and these move in tandem with one another when you slide them around. As mentioned, the “industrial chic” here really makes for an attractive, almost mechanical or robotic appearance. I love it. The H1-Touch can adjust between 45mm and 72mm of width.

You may think of the thin aluminum used for pop cans, but that’s not what you get with this desktop stand. The aluminum is very thick and very robust. It finds that delicate balance between being lightweight and being strong enough. The black rubberized backing adds to the “grip” that the holder has on your phone.

Turning, Flipping, and Adjusting

What if you want to watch a brief video clip or otherwise use your mobile device in landscape mode? The LUXA2 H1-Touch is completely adjustable in this way too.

REVIEW - LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

The holder can rotate at ease, but the mechanism doesn’t feel “loose” at all. There’s definitely enough stiffness here for the mobile holder to maintain its configuration and orientation. You can also adjust the vertical tilt, in case you want to angle the phone up or down.

Why Would You Want This?

Since I work from home all day as a freelance writer, sitting at my desk for hours at a stretch, I want to have my phone close at hand. I also want the display to be clearly visible to me, in case I get an incoming call or want to check something on my phone.

REVIEW - LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

The H1-Touch provides this functionality with ease. If I decide to wear a Bluetooth headset, I can quickly accept calls without having to physically pick up the phone. Even if I don’t take the headset route, it’s pretty easy to utilize the built-in speakerphone function on my Nokia E71 smartphone.

The Price of Quality

There are other desktop stands on the market that cater to this kind of utility, but very few offer the same kind of class and prestige that you get with the LUXA2 H1-Touch. The build quality is second to none and I really like how adjustable it is.

Even though it has a pair of Swarovski crystals in its base and offers a truly industrial strength design, this mobile holder is listed at just $49.99. That might sound pretty expensive for something that “only” holds a phone, but much lower-quality (oftentimes plastic) alternatives can easily run $20-30 or more.

It’s clear that the LUXA2 H1-Touch is approaching a very specific segment in the market and it’s not going to be a product for everyone. For the people who want to have a full metal desktop stand for their phones and other mobile devices, however, you really can’t go wrong with LUXA2.

Overall Rating: 9.0/10