iLuv’s Tiny USB Charger Adapter for the Car

iLuv’s Tiny USB Charger Adapter for the Car


A Tiny USB Charger Adapter for the Car
We need USB ports everywhere we go, because so many of our portable gadgets these days allow for charging through USB ports rather than through conventional wall outlets. These include the ubiquitous iPod and iPhone. Perhaps the most convenient in-car solution to date is the newly announced iLuv iAD 115 Micro USB Car Charger.

It’s not exactly innovative in what it offers or what it does, but this has got to be one of the sleekest designs we’ve seen thus far. The idea is that that plugs into your car’s available 12-volt outlet (the cigarette jack) and converts it into a powered USB port.

Other companies have offered similar products, like the Griffin PowerDuo Universal, but the Micro USB Car Charger from iLuv barely sticks out of the 12-volt outlet. This is not unlike the tiny flash drives and Bluetooth dongles that fit almost completely into USB ports.

There’s a blue power LED to let you know when it’s working and it’ll output a standard 500mA to quickly charge your iPhone, iPod, or any other USB devices using an appropriate USB cable. The iAD 115 on its own is $14.99. You can alternatively bundle it with a USB cable, wall adapter, or wall adapter and USB cable for $29.99, $29.99, and $39.99, respectively.

Source: iLuv