BlackBerry Getting Support for Silverlight and Full Flash

BlackBerry Getting Support for Silverlight and Full Flash


 BlackBerry Introducing Support for Silverlight and Full FlashPart of the reason that we are forced to use dedicated YouTube applications on many smartphones is that the embedded browsers cannot handle Flash content. Research in Motion recognizes this frustration, so it’s working on a fully integrated solution.

More specifically, the boys at RIM are planning an updated version of the BlackBerry Browser that will integrate full support for Microsoft Silverlight, as well as full support for Flash content. We’re talking about full Flash support and not just Flash lite too.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that RIM is only “planning” on integrating this kind of support into the BlackBerry web browser and the company has not really indicated any sort of timeline for when we should expect its deployment.

Well, that’s not completely true. RIM told the guys at BGR that this won’t be happening until next summer, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s around this same time that RIM will be unleashing a new family of devices to take advantage of higher data speeds offered by the upcoming HSPA and LTE networks.

Source: BGR