Clippable Stand Puts iPhone In Your Face

Clippable Stand Puts iPhone In Your Face


 Clippable Stand Puts iPhone In Your FaceI spend an inordinate amount of my desk each day and I usually just place my cell phone my desk next to me. That’s pretty standard practice, but wouldn’t it be be better if the display on the phone was closer to eye level? That’s the idea behind the In Your Face viewbase.

While it is shown here with an Apple iPhone, it could just as easily work with any number of other cell phones and multimedia devices. You use the clip to attach the stand to just about any table or, if you prefer, it can probably be adapted for in-car use too.

The 8-inch neck is adjustable, so you can move it around until it’s just at the right place. You also get an adjustable clip (accommodating up to 2-inch wide surfaces) and a swiveling head. Using this kind of stand, you can navigate through your playlists, contact lists, and so on without having to actually hold your phone.

The In Your Face, according to the Crunchgear review, is very good and the reviewer “can’t praise it enough; it just works so well.” The grip has plenty of padding, so the IYF won’t harm your phone either. Find it for $30 through a variety of retailers.

Source: Crunchgear