REVIEW – V7 Premium Toploader Laptop Case by Targus

REVIEW – V7 Premium Toploader Laptop Case by Targus


REVIEW - V7 Premium Toploader Laptop Case by Targus

Ever since the TSA introduced those new regulations for passing notebooks through airport security checkpoints, I’ve been intrigued with the possibility of going through the scanner without having to remove my laptop from my bag. That saves time and minimizes any possible scratches that may occur during the process.

Now that these regulations have been out for a while, several accessory makers have jumped on the trend to provide checkpoint-friendly bags. We’ve seen backpacks, attaches, messenger bags, and all sorts of other solutions that will have you zipping through security in no time. One of the latest names to join the trend is Ingram Micro, which has solicited the help of Targus to create its V7 line of laptop bags.

Today, we take a look at the Premium Toploader Laptop Case, also known by its less than memorable PTL1-2G model name. Let’s just call it the Premium Toploader, shall we?

REVIEW - V7 Premium Toploader Laptop Case by Targus

Made and Designed by Targus

Even though this laptop bag carries V7 branding throughout, they have also made it very clear that Targus is the real company behind its creation. In this way, you know that you are getting a trusted name in the notebook accessory market, along with all the trust and reliability that comes with that name.

The V7 Premium Toploader Case is comprised of two main compartments, along with some extra pockets for extra accessories and peripherals. In terms of design cues, you get something that is conservative enough to pass through the corporate world, but there are enough subtle elements to give it a dash of personality and style too. For that, Targus (and V7) get my kudos.

The laptop compartment doesn’t come with extra padding like how you would find in some more expensive laptop bags, but the outer cushioning should be enough to protect your notebook against incidental damage. There’s also a Velcro strap on top to hold it in place. There’s enough room here to accommodate up to a 15.6-inch widescreen.

REVIEW - V7 Premium Toploader Laptop Case by Targus

Files, Peripherals, and Other Stuff

The other main compartment on the V7 Premium Toploader is clearly designed with the business or enterprise market. You’ll see that it functions much like an accordion-style filing system, providing places to fit your files and folders with ease. For the non-corporate type, this can be a great place to stash your travel documents and that kind of thing too.

Along with the top slots for file folders and the like, you’ll also see two heavily padded pockets on the inside of this compartment. These padded pockets are very much like what I found on a more expensive Targus-branded laptop bag, protecting things like digital cameras and other delicate items. This is a simple yet very useful feature.

REVIEW - V7 Premium Toploader Laptop Case by Targus

Zipping Through Airport Security

Easily the most notable feature for this laptop bag is that it has been designated as Checkpoint Friendly. This means that you can zip through airport security checkpoints without having to remove your notebook.

All you do is unzip the center portion, laying the bag out flat into its two main compartments. This way, the notebook can pass through the X-ray scanner unobstructed by other objects. In compliance with the TSA regulations, your laptop stays safe and you can be on your way as quickly as possible.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use this specific bag for this purpose yet, but I used a similar one and the people at LAX knew exactly what was going on. It couldn’t be any faster. I should note, however, that these kinds of regulations do not (yet) apply in Canada. Shame.

REVIEW - V7 Premium Toploader Laptop Case by Targus

Tying Up the Loose Ends

Made with durable 420 denier nylon and 1680 denier polyester accents, the V7 Premium Toploader Laptop Case is a good option for people who travel frequently and want a fashionable, yet functional laptop bag. The two added pockets in the front are great for smaller items, like memory cards and pens, whereas the other compartments are good for file folders, travel documents, and so on. Nice stuff. You don’t have to worry about organization.

This laptop bag will not be big enough to serve as an overnight bag, so you’ll need to stash your clothes and other stuff in another bag. It is suitable, however, to handle everything that comes along with your laptop, including the power supply, mouse, webcam, and so forth.

The padded shoulder strap also comes with a slight twist, making it much more comfortable to hold the bag in a cross-shoulder fashion. It’s quite comfortable. The materials aren’t quite as good as $100+ bags, but you are saving a fair bit without sacrificing utility.

Overall, I give the V7 (by Targus) Premium Toploader Laptop Case an 8.0 out of 10. It’s listed at $69.95. There are also cheaper variants within the same line if you want to save a few bucks.