Big Brother is Watching All Palm Pre Owners

Big Brother is Watching All Palm Pre Owners


 Big Brother is Watching All Palm Pre OwnersDo you value your privacy? Would you prefer to keep your private life out of the hands of people that you do not know? If that’s the case, it might be in your best interest to stay away from the Palm Pre smartphone, because that hot handset has been set up to spy on your every move.

What do I mean? Developer Joey Hess was going through the code for webOS and came across some pretty scary notes. As it turns out, the Palm Pre automatically pulls your information and sends it back to Palm on a daily basis. This is without your knowledge (until now) and largely without your direct permission.

Among the information that Pre handsets are automatically beaming back to Palm HQ are your GPS location, which apps you’ve used and for how long, your app crash logs, and which apps you have installed. This is the same kind of “error reporting” that you may see in Windows and other programs.

Is the privacy policy from Palm general enough to cover this kind of usage? This is partly why they encourage you to take on an unlimited data plan too, since the Palm Pre is constantly beaming 1s and 0s over the network, even if you’re not doing anything directly.

Does this bother you? Is there a way to turn it off?

Source: BGR