Palm Pre Extended Battery Far from Ideal Solution

Palm Pre Extended Battery Far from Ideal Solution


Palm Pre Extended Battery Far from Ideal SolutionMost of us will acknowledge that 3G smartphones can be real battery draws. This applies to the iPhone, G1, BlackBerry Bold, and so many more. We need to find ways to extend battery life, but I’m thinking this doctored solution for the Palm Pre isn’t exactly what you had in mind.

Rather than sitting flush with the back of the Palm Pre, these extended batteries from Amzer offer way more juice and stick out like a sore thumb from the back of the phone. Keeping in mind that the stock battery is good for 1150 mAh, these extended batteries can go as far as 3800 mAh.

Alternatively, the Amzer batteries for the Palm Pre also come in smaller 1400 or 2800 mAh capacities. The three batteries retail for $129.95, $89.95, or $49.95, based on the capacity that you desire. That’s not incredibly cheap, but you’re getting a lot of battery power. You will need a special back plate to house this thing though.

Personally, I think it may be a better idea to carry around one of those portable battery packs that can output the electrical juice through a standard USB port. I have one here that packs 3400 mAh and it’s more than enough to give my cell phone an extra charge on the road.

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