True Wireless Power to Be Broadcasted Soon?

True Wireless Power to Be Broadcasted Soon?


 True Wireless Power to Be Broadcasted Soon?
One of the hottest new technologies is the wireless power that we find in the Palm Pre Touchstone and similar products, but they still need to make physical contact. WiTricity takes this concept to a whole new level by sending power over short distances.

You may have seen the “conductive” chargers for Wii Remotes, cell phones, and other similar products. These let you charge the devices without having to plug in a cable, but your product still makes physical contact with the charging board.

With the WiTricity wireless power solution, electricity can be sent over short distances using a technology similar to radio transmission. The resonant magnetic coupling can send enough power over the air to charge cell phones and run televisions a few feet away.

The actual technology isn’t there just yet, but they’re working on it. The goal is that we will eventually have a power transmitting unit somewhere in our room and it will be able to provide power to the electronics in the room, thus eliminating the need for multiple plugs and power bars.

WiTricity was founded by an MIT physicist and the goal is to produce a system that could be ready for the masses.

Source: Crunchgear