Touchscreen Sony VAIO Notebooks with PSN Integration

Touchscreen Sony VAIO Notebooks with PSN Integration


Touchscreen Sony VAIO Notebooks with PSN Integration
The Sony VAIO line of notebooks have always done a terrific job in terms of style and fashion, but the newest batch will be bringing some interesting technological innovations as well. According ot a recent interview with Mike Abary, the company’s senior vice-president, they have some new Sony VAIO laptops in the works.

These new notebooks will be ready for market as early as this fall and the plan is to equip them with touchscreen displays. It’s unclear whether they will take on the full convertible tablet PC configuration or if they will just be regular laptops with touchscreens, but you’ll be tapping on that display in a few short months.

This is meant to coincide with the official release of Windows 7, which is currently being scheduled for October 22nd. This way, the touch interface of Windows 7 can be fully utilized with the new VAIO notebooks. A custom interface from Sony probably won’t happen just yet.

Perhaps even more interesting is that Sony plans on integrating the PlayStation Network into the Sony VAIO line. Using the PSN, gamers are able to download a variety of gaming and entertainment content on the PS3 and PSP, so it’s natural to extend this service to the PC market as well.

Abary says the initial focus for the VAIO PSN will be on movies and TV shows, but casual games may also find their way in there as well. Integration with Sony e-book reader devices may also be in the works.

Source: Electronista