Quirky Split Stick: Two USB Flash Drives in One

Quirky Split Stick: Two USB Flash Drives in One


 Quirky Split Stick: Two USB Flash Drives in OneThere’s a good chance that you have more than one USB flash drive kicking around on your desk. You might have separated your data across these drives in an effort to keep them organized. The Split Stick from Quirky expands on this idea by shoving a pair of USB flash drives into a single device.

From the product page, we are reminded that “everyone always tells you to keep your work and your personal life separate.” With the Split Stick, you really can do that with your digital documents, storing personal photos on one half of the drive and work-related documents on the other half.

The double-sided USB drive is really two flash drives in one. Using the simple sliding mechanism on top, you can choose between the two drives, accessing the files that you need. To differentitate between the two, you can choose from pre-designed logos for either side or you can have custom text laser-etched onto the surface.

The Split Stick houses a pair of two-gigabyte retractable USB flash drives, giving you a total capacity of 4GB. That doesn’t really compete against the larger drives in the marketplace, but we’re looking at the idea of this drive first and foremost. Quirky? Yes. Useful? Maybe.

The double-ended Split Stick USB drive is currently up for pre-sale for $19.99. It seems that they need 200 sales before it’ll go into production and they’re currently up to 21.

Source: Quirky