More Than Half of HTC’s Smartphones Will Be Android

More Than Half of HTC’s Smartphones Will Be Android


 More Than Half of HTC's Smartphones Will Be Android in 2010
I have a feeling that a few guys over in Redmond aren’t going to be happy to hear this. HTC has long since been a champion of Windows Mobile-powered smartphones, but the Taiwanese company has recently shifted its focus over to the side of Google’s Android platform. And they’re liking it. In fact, HTC is liking it so much so that they’re going to push more resources in that direction.

Until Google Android hit the scene, HTC worked exclusively with Windows Mobile. The company would create some of its own unique UI overlays, like the popular TouchFLO 3D, but Windows Mobile would still be at the core. With the arrival of the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) and other handsets, HTC is starting to see a different light.

For 2009, about 30% of the phones coming out of HTC are going to be powered by Google Android. For 2010, the company plans on pushing that number north of 50%, taking resources from its Windows Mobile business to do so. Expect more phones like the HTC Hero.

Will this slowly mark the death of Windows Mobile? Will Microsoft be able to convince HTC otherwise when and if the big M ever comes out with Windows Mobile 6.5 or, better still, Windows Mobile 7?

Source: Digitimes