Detecting Wi-Fi Hotspots with Your Head

Detecting Wi-Fi Hotspots with Your Head


Detecting Wi-Fi Hotspots with Your HeadSo, you’ve invested in one of those shiny new netbook computers, but you’ve found that it can be a pain to find an available Wi-Fi hotspot. You could certainly leave the netbook on to search for signals, but that’s a battery drain that you simply cannot afford. Leave it up to the team at ThinkGeek to come to the rescue.

From the same people that brought us the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt comes the Wi-Fi Detector Cap. This does exactly what you think it does. You toss the hat on your head and the illuminated logo on the front will start to light up in correspondence with the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi strength in your immediate vicinity.

As with the t-shirt, the light-up bars won’t tell you whether the Wi-Fi hotspot is password-protected or not. It also won’t tell you if the Wi-Fi signal will lead you onto the Internet or if it’s just for internal networking purposes. But hey, it’s a start.

Yes, it could be a nice piece of geeky apparel, but it could be even less useful that the accompanying shirt. With the shirt, you can glance down at your chest to see how many bars you are getting. With the cap, you have to take the thing off your head to look at it.

The Wi-Fi Detector Cap can be found on ThinkGeek for $14.99.

Source: TechEBlog