Samsung Link Messaging Phone to Launch with Bell Mobility

Samsung Link Messaging Phone to Launch with Bell Mobility


 Samsung Link Messaging Phone to Launch with Bell MobilityI’m almost inclined to think that this is the second coming of the Palm Centro smartphone, but we’re turning our attention to Bell and Samsung for this latest offering. Continuing with the recent trend toward QWERTY-packing dumbphones, it seems that Bell Mobility is gearing up to launch the new Samsung Link.

There is a definite appeal to QWERTY phones, even if they’re not full-fledged smartphones, because they make it so much easier to send quick text messages and emails compared to a T9 configuration.

Joining the likes of the LG Lotus, Samsung Vice, and others of that ilk, the Samsung Link also comes complete with a full QWERTY keyboard, but it takes on a candybar form factor. Aside from the keyboard, however, there isn’t much in terms of hot highlights.

The LCD screen is a mere 2.2-incher and the camera only does 1.3 megapixels. Aside from that, you get a microSD slot, Bluetooth 2.0, and integrated IM and email clients. The first 10,000 customers get a free decal from Decal Girl too.

The good news is that the Samsung Link will be remarkably cheap when it launches on July 30th. The three-year contract price is just $19.95 and you’ll have your choice of black or white. Alternatively, the two-year, one-year, and outright prices are $69.95, $169.95, and $219.95, respectively.

Source: MobileSyrup