Nokia E71 vs. Nokia N97 – Shot for Shot Comparison

Nokia E71 vs. Nokia N97 – Shot for Shot Comparison


Nokia E71 vs Nokia 97
I guess you could say that I’ve always dared to be different. While many of my friends decided that either the iPhone or a BlackBerry was the best way to go, I decided to get a Nokia E71 smartphone instead. It’s a workhorse, but how does it compare to the shiny new Nokia N97?

Mike Macias of E71 Fanatics had the opportunity to use the Nokia N97 superphone as his primary handset for a number of weeks, seeing how it fared against the tried, true, and less expensive E71.

The keyboard on the N97 is full QWERTY, but the keys are more spread out, larger, and flatter than the keys on the E71. You may cramp up a little easier on the N97, however, since the keyboard is wider. You will be more accurate though.

Running through the rest of the comparison tests, the updated OS on the N97 is prettier and better at webpage rendering, the E71 has a better overall form factor and build quality, the N97 has a better screen and camera, and the N97 has better customization too. In the end, the N97 had 7 wins, 6 losses, and one tie, according to Macias.

You do have to realize that the N97 costs about twice as much as the E71, so you have to wonder if it’s worth the extra cash. That decision, of course, is completely yours.

Source: E71Fanatics