Blaze NDS Lite 3-in-1 Game Selector Swaps on the Fly

Blaze NDS Lite 3-in-1 Game Selector Swaps on the Fly


Blaze NDS Lite Game SelectorWalk into just about any video game store and chances are that they sell some variety of Nintendo DS Lite case that can hold a couple of extra games. This new product takes this idea to a whole new level, because you can swap the games without ever touching the cartridges again.

The Blaze NDS Lite 3-in-1 Game Selector attaches to the back of your Nintendo DS Lite and there is a cable that fits into where you would normally slot your NDS game cartridge. Attached to the other end of the cable is a case that holds three game cartridges.

To swap between the three games, all you have to do is hit the switch and you’ll see the corresponding green indicator light. Using this, you never have to take out a cartridge to replace it with another; just hit the switch. That’s pretty cool.

There are at least a couple of things holding back this idea, however. First, it adds significant bulk to the “hood” of your Nintendo DS Lite, but it is pretty convenient. Second, I’m not entirely sure how compatible it is with the new Nintendo DSi, but it might work.

Retail price through some Hong Kong retailer is about US$13.

Source: Gadgetreview