Orange UK to Launch LG Watch Phone for $2,000?

Orange UK to Launch LG Watch Phone for $2,000?


LG Watch Phone
The LG Watch Phone has been making its trade show rounds for quite some time now. We saw it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the reps could not be forthcoming about a launch date or price. Well, it seems that the Watch Phone will finally see the light of day.

Take this as a very unconfirmed word for now, but it seems that the LG Watch Phone will be making its international debut through Orange UK. It’s unlikely, we hear, that Orange will be offering any sort of subsidy on this device, so be prepared to fork out full price.

What is full price? The current rumblings have Orange selling the LG Watch Phone for somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 GBP. That works out to nearly $2,000 in the green stuff. Hey, that’s the price you pay for exclusivity and prestige, right?

Orange UK CEO Tom Alexander says the LG Watch Phone is the “must-have gadget of 2009.” It is “exclusively limited” too. If you happen to be in that neck of woods, start saving your doubloons. The LG Watch Phone will reportedly launch this August.

Source: T3