DIY: Charging Dock Made from Empty Shampoo Bottle

DIY: Charging Dock Made from Empty Shampoo Bottle


Shampoo-Powered Charging DockWith the way that we lead our digital lifestyles, there is a good chance that you are inundated with a number of different chargers for your MP3 players, cameras, controllers, cell phones, and so on. More often than not, these devices end up lying on the floor or looking for a table. No longer!

It’s so much better if you can find a charging dock station that is integrated with your wall outlet, keeping your iPhone or BlackBerry off of the ground. That’s the idea behind this DIY project as posted on Make: Online.

Basically, you cut up a used shampoo bottle and use it as a holster of sorts that mounts up with your wall socket. I wouldn’t use this for anything too heavy, since you are placing some strain on those prongs, but it should be fine for a cell phone or something similar.

The best part is that the whole contraption will effectively cost you nothing if you have all the right tools and parts laying around the house. Check out the link below for complete instructions.

Source: MAKE