Sega Columns for iPhone is Free for ID4

Sega Columns for iPhone is Free for ID4


iPhone Columns

Some people like to celebrate the Fourth of July with a backyard barbecue. Some people like to celebrate Independence Day with a boatload of fireworks. But not the people at Sega. Nope, they like to give stuff out for free. If you have an iPhone (or iPod touch), they’ve got a puzzling gift for you.

Starting at midnight tonight and running until Monday, Sega will let you download the iPhone version of Columns for the very attractive price of zero dollars and zero cents. That’s right. It’ll be absolutely free to download, representing a 100% savings over the regular price of $1.99. What a deal!

If you grew up with puzzle games the same way that I did, then you may feel that Columns isn’t quite as epic as Tetris. That said, it was still a very worthy contender from the Sega camp in the puzzle department. Flip those gems, make matches, and prosper!

In the release from Sega, they don’t make any specific mention of which time zone the “free” time is adhering too, so I’d keep a close eye on the price tag before hitting the purchase/download button.

Source: Joystiq