iPhone TapStar Game Integrates with iTunes Music Store

iPhone TapStar Game Integrates with iTunes Music Store


TapStar for iPhone
If you’re the proud owner of an iPod touch or Apple iPhone, then there is a good chance that you may have played Tap Tap Revenge. That rhythm game gave your a DDR or Guitar Hero-like experience on the touchscreen. Well, TapStar from EpicTilt is tackling the same arena and it’s got something that Tap Tap Revenge lacks.

The biggest selling point for TapStar is that EpicTilt was able to get some exclusive licensing from Sony Music. Instead of tapping along to some generic tunes, you can actually play along to real songs.

At launch, we’re looking at tracks by TLC, John Mayer, Pink, and even Britney Spears. Yes, she’s a slave for you. The gameplay is comprised of four diagonal arrows and, well, you tap them in time with the music.

The other kicker is the iTunes integration. If you like the song that you happen to be playing, you can link directly back to iTunes and buy that song. Nice revenue source, I’d have to say. It’s just Sony Music for now, but other labels will likely jump aboard as the game picks up in popularity.

Source: PocketGamer