BlackBerry Tour Pre-Order Info for Verizon and Sprint

BlackBerry Tour Pre-Order Info for Verizon and Sprint


BlackBerry TourMaybe you’re with Verizon and you weren’t exactly pleased with the BlackBerry Storm, itching for that QWERTY goodness again. Well, you’re in luck. The BlackBerry 9630 Tour is just around the corner and we’ve got all the pre-order information you’ll need, ensuring that you’ll be the first kid on your block with the latest RIM-powered hotness.

That is, if you are with Verizon. There was all sorts of confusion yesterday regarding BlackBerry Tour pre-orders with Verizon, but that has all been cleared up. They initially said that no pre-orders would be made available for existing customers, but VZW has changed their tune.

Now, the official Verizon product page is saying that “existing customers will be able to upgrade or purchase the BlackBerry Tour on this site very soon. Please check back with us tomorrow.” I guess you’re getting a quick gift of sorts just before ID4.

The Sprint side of things isn’t quite so chipper, however. According to the Sprint social media and interactive communications manager, you will not be able to put in a pre-order for the Tour at all. Instead, you’ll have to head over to your local Sprint store (or call them up the old fashioned way) if you want in on the Tour.

Source: BGR x2