Android Revolution Just Got Cheaper at Rogers Wireless

Android Revolution Just Got Cheaper at Rogers Wireless


Rogers Google Android PhoneMaybe that whole “revolution” at Rogers Wireless isn’t going exactly as planned. Google Android was supposed to be a pretty big game-changer, but it may have been overshadowed by the iPhone. As such, Rogers Wireless has just reduced the pricing on both Google Android phones in its lineup.

As you may recall, the so-called Android revolution began in Canada exactly one month ago on June 2. It was on that date that Google’s revolutionary platform made its official debut north of the 49th parallel, but I guess not enough people are interested.

At the time, both the keyboard-touting HTC Dream and the touchscreen-only HTC Magic were selling for $149.99 with a three-year contract. That was still $50 cheaper than the cheapest iPhone (at the time). In an effort to attract more buyers, the price on both the HTC Dream and HTC Magic have been dropped to $99.99 on contract.

That places it on par with the recently reduced iPhone 3G. Then again, I’m thinking that people will still be attracted to the $199+ iPhone 3G S instead. This little robot needs more help than just a price cut. Who’s going to help Android now?

Source: MobileSyrup